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What is Rising damp?

Also know as capillary damp, refers to the one that ascends the walls of a building from its foundations.

This kind of damp manages to rise through the walls by its pores and capillaries.

It usually occurs in walls where the building insulation is deficient or nonexistent, causing the moisture contained in the subsoil to rise through the porous materials of floors and walls.

Damp proofing treatment! SECOMUR®

We know how to get rid of rising damp!

This unique and highly effective formula penetrates deep into the mortar and bricks layer, creating a horizontal barrier against rising damp. It will grant a long lasting effect against moisture migration up the wall.

Hortizontal barrier against damp

Drill the wall affected by moisture

A study is made to see where moisture comes from and where to drill.

The horizontal barrier is injected

This creates a vertical barrier that prevents the passage of water. Our SECOMUR® product is widely known in Europe and is manufactured in Germany.

The treated wall is rehabilitated

The entire affected area will be rehabilitated using proPERLA® a water-repellent paint to further prevent any associated problem.

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House painters in Nerja and surroundings Free quote. Contact us for more information.  Are you looking for painters in or around Nerja? If you want to paint your flat, house or business, from our website we offer you the services of our painters’ company.

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Construction Division proFORM reforms division are there to help you transform your home! From installation of a new kitchen or bathroom, to complete renovations. Roof Tile Protection SuperDRY protects against penetrating damp mould spores and tile decomposition, whilst keeping your roof looking like new.

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Effects of moisture by capillarity

The humidity affects all the inhabitants of the house, being able to cause respiratory problems, allergies, asthma, pain and even lung diseases.


Moist smell in the home

Humidities generate an unpleasant smell of moisture in the home that does not disappear without treatment.


Cracking and peeling walls

In addition to chipping, excessive moisture can affect the stability of walls and walls.


Respiratory problems

The excess of humidity in the interior environment of the house potentiates respiratory allergies and asthma.


Deterioration of the property

In addition to chipping, excessive moisture can affect the stability of walls and walls.

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Treatment against rising damp

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